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A Short Guide of Information on the Breed


There are three varieties of Poodles- Toy, Miniature, and Standard. Terms such as a “Royal Standard”, “Tea Cup Toy" or "Tiny Toy Poodle" are marketing gimmicks, used to promote the sale of animals that are dramatically over or under the norm in size.TOY POODLE- The Toy is the smallest variety and should be no larger than 10” high at the shoulder. This size is particularly well suited to apartment life or as a traveling companion for retired people.MINIATURE POODLE- The Miniature Poodle is a medium-sized animal standing between 10” and 15” high at the shoulder . This variety is a sturdy compromise between the Toy and the Standard, suitable both to apartment life as well as the hardy life-style of a family with children.STANDARD POODLE- The Standard is the largest of the three varieties with no restriction on size. Typically Standards will be about 21” to 27” high at the shoulder with the females usually a little smaller than the males. Being a larger, more substantial animal, the Standard will usually require more room for exercise than the other two varieties

Choosing the right Breeder is very important .Look for Puppy that has been raised with loving care with a breeder that does complete Genetic testing that is required by the variety that they breed. Don't be afraid to ask the Breeder questions and don't be taken back if they ask you questions about the type of home you will provide for the puppy either. A good Breeder is looking for a forever home for their puppy and they care where their puppy goes.Many Breeders also have wonderful older dogs to place too!Also if for any reason you can ever not keep your Poodle, please contact the breeder from whom you obtained the Poodle from so they can take the puppy back.Good Breeders want their puppies back.They are responsible for them for their lifetime.

Spay -neuter-It is common for breeders to sell the "pet "puppies with a limited registration on their AKC papers. These "Pets" are sold without breeding rights. Their offspring can't be bred. Responsible Breeders check that box when they care about their puppies and the future of the breed.

This is done by breeders that care !

What Variety (size) do you want?


Breeder Referral will be happy to refer you to breeders in your area that raise the variety of Poodle that you are looking for. Toy Poodle Puppies, Miniature Poodle Puppies or Standard Poodle Puppies.

Toys ( the smallest, 5-10 lbs)

Miniatures (the mid size, 10-20lbs)

Standards (the largest, 40-70 lbs)

Poodles only come in three sizes. Do not be fooled into another size that is not recognized by AKC.Puppies should be sold with individual records intact. 

To be included: 

√ Bill of Sale. Stating the conditions ( Terms) on which this sale was made. 

√ Pedigree of the puppy ( at least 3 generation)

√ Written instructions as to the care, feeding & health records of the puppy to date.

√ Recommend new owners to take puppy to the vet to be put under a new Drs. supervision. Take for a well puppy check up.

√ All health records up to Date i.e. worming,shots and kennel cough.

√ Proof of genetic testing should be provided to Puppy buyers. Documented in writing. Each Variety has its specified Genetic testing that is to be done on the parents.

√ Breeders that care about the right homes for their poodles will ask you lots of questions. Be aware that they are doing it so that not only the dog gets a good home ,but that you get the type of dog that you will be happy with. 

Thank you for inquiring about the Poodle.


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