Helpful Services


Grooming - Boarding - Handling

Grooming contacts and information :

Dog Gone Beautiful - Nancy Palauskas  860-291-8211

Ann Fischer - 203-237-2578

Village Pet and Spa - Rod Connors- 203-269-3554

Lisa Ritson - 860-748-7429

Judy Manuel- 508-987-5045


Village Pet and Spa - Rod Connors- 203-269-3554

Professional Handling

Toy & Miniature Poodles and Toy Group

Lucille Perzan- 860-227-6904


Performance Instruction

Obedience and Rally Instruction
Ann Mandelbaum  203- 266-0836

Agility Information
Debbie West  email:
Nancy Palauskas  860-291-8211
Ann Mandelbaum  203- 266-0836


Breeder Referral & Rescue Contacts

Adding a new Poodle to your family- Breeder referral
Leslie Newing 203-255-3396

Rescue Information on placing a Poodle in rescue or obtaining a Poodle from Rescue
Daryl Mason