Meeting Dates for 2019

March 19

May 21

July 16

September 17

November 19- Annual Awards  

December 7 & 8  - Specialty Shows- Springfield, MA.
Friday - Dec. 7,2019
Saturday- Dec. 8,2019

Meeting Location & Reservations

Our meetings are held at Lido's in Meriden, Ct. Reservations need to be made a week prior to the meeting.


Daryl MasonePhone- 203- 206-3420

Email -

Membership guidelines

Eligibility: As stated in our by-laws, there is one type of membership. A person must be over 18 years of age, one who owns, breeds, exhibits or judges poodles, and must be in good standing with the American Kennel Club.Membership is unrestricted as to where you live, but we do try to represent the breeders and exhibitors of the immediate area.Election to Membership: Each applicant for membership as it is stated in the by-laws is required to attend 2 meetings of the club before they can apply. Their application must have two signatures (endorsements) of club members. *Once they have submitted their application, the applicant is required to work at one event or function of the club. Example the Olympics (spring) or the point show (September). Your application will be read by the Board at the next Board meeting. They will then vote on it (needs majority vote by the board).  At the next meeting you will be presented to the membership for consideration. You must then attend 2 more meetings of the club. After completing this you will then be voted on (you need a 3/4 vote of those present). The word “meeting” means major club activities, such as meetings, shows, parties, etc. Total attendance required is 4.